Sunday, January 3, 2010

December Birthdays ~ What was I thinking???

You'd think after the first December kid I'd plan it out better the second time but apparently not!!

On December 5th my baby turned 11!! Next year she's going to be in Middle School! Ack!!! Traditionally on their birthdays, the girls get to pick where they'd like to go for dinner. Unfortunately this year, Gord had to work so we had a Birthday Lunch instead. Emily picked Red Robin and didn't remember the whole singing routine when it's your Birthday. Her face says it all because she was absolutely mortified!! I also caught a nice one of the sisters actually pretending that they like each other ~ these pictures are far and few between!!

Katie's birthday was December 17th and she turned 13!!!!! A Teenager!!! Double Ack!!!! We went out to dinner at Homestead for her birthday dinner but I didn't take any pictures that night!

The girls had a party in November so that they could celebrate with most of their friends but they also wanted to have a smaller get together with their best buds closer to their actual birthday!

Emily invited Natalia and Katie invited Adri and Whitney. We started out by heading to the Movie Theater and catching The Princess and the Frog. It was cute and the girls really seemed to enjoy it. Adri's mom came and met her at the Theater because she was having her art shown in our home town. The rest of us headed over to Red Robin for some dinner.

We were starved but the girls waited patiently to be called. Whitney is on the left, then Katie, Natalia and Emily.
I love this picture!!
And here's Natalia and Emily!
And of course, we had to put Emily through the Tortures again!!! I'll just say she was not pleased!!!
The girls enjoyed their Sundaes and sufficiently stuffed themselves!!

We decided to head back to the Mall to do some Window Shopping. That of course included trying on some goofy glasses!!!

We then picked up Adri again and it was back to our house for a Sleepover!! And you can't have a Sleepover without giggling girls!!!

What an awesome group of girls and we had a great time!!

Check back in a couple of days for more December Happenings!!


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday to both girls! Glad they got to celebrate, multiple times even!!!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to Emily & Katie! You got some great pictures of the celebrations.

Judy said...

I forgot to mention that I love the picture of your house with all the pretty!

Andrea C said...

Please wish the girls a very happy birthday for me! And tell Emily that my brothers had the servers at Red Robin do the birthday thing to me AND IT WASN'T EVEN MY BIRTHDAY!!!