Saturday, November 14, 2009

What we've been up to!

Once again, its been a bit since I've posted but I had the time to update today!

This year, for the first time, Katie decided that she didn't want to go Trick or Treating and since Gord was working there wouldn't be anybody home to hand out candy, she opted to stay home and do that. She did a great job with the kids and seemed to enjoy it. Emily got invited out for a party first and then to go Trick or Treating with them. Emily's the witch in the purple!
I'm including the next picture, even thought it's not a very good one, since it was the 10,000th picture with my big camera. I got my camera in May 2008 so I've taken 10,000 pics with it since then. I just wish that my 10,000th picture was a much better one!
Katie had her first band concert of the year the other night and they did a really nice job. Unfortunately I never caught a picture of Katie but here's the 7th Grade band as a whole!
I know that it's not the kids' birthday until December but I tried to be proactive this year and think about their birthdays much earlier. Unfortunately it wasn't earlier enough and all of the weekend slots were already taken so we decided to take advantage of no school on Veteran's Day and have their party then. We invited about 27 kids between Katie and Emily and I think that there were about 23 kids that ended up coming. They were a wonderful group of kids and everyone seemed to have a good time!

Gotta love Costco cake!!
I found some funky candles for the cake and they worked out well!
Gord helped me light them.
Katie and Emily blowing out the candles!
Here's the group shot although I discovered after taking it that there were still a couple in the changing room and they had all skidaddled before I could retake the picture!
Last night was Emily's Father Daughter dance for her school. Gord was able to take the night off in order to attend. This was taken right before they left. Emily looks so grown up!
Gord got Emily a very pretty corsage for the night!
Boogieing the night away!

Gord was having a great time!!
This was taken as the night was ending. They both had such a great time!
Here's a picture of Emily with her friends at the dance!

Before I end the post I need to express an area of concern in the neighborhood. Gangs have moved in and I think that they're about to take over the neighborhood. We now have the Scooter Gang! I'm scared ~ how about you??!!


Judy said...

So many great pictures! I really like the ones of the father/daughter dance, and Emily's corsage was beautiful.

The early combined birthday party was a smart idea, and the cake was so pretty. Happy Birthday to Katie and Emily!

Andrea said...

Sounds like you've been pretty darn busy (like always). Great pictures!

Cheryl said...

It's about time you updated, Sharon. Sheesh! hehe (like I have room to talk).

Great pictures, as always. Kind of weird that there aren't any of you & I from the dance! :)