Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December Catchup!

The day after Emily's birthday seemed like the perfect time to put up the Tree. I definitely wasn't feeling Christmas this year and I don't know that I ever did through the season but I figured getting the decorations up was a start!

December 13th was Katie's Christmas Band Concert. It's hard to believe that it was only a year ago that Katie was performing in her very first Concert! She has improved so much and does a very good job.

My Mom came down and joined us for dinner before the concert and then stayed with Emily as we ran to the school for Katie's Winter Conference with her Core teacher. I then ran home to get Emily, my Mom and my camera to take them back to the concert and when I got there I realized that I had left my Card for my camera in the computer!! I was bummed because I was finally sitting in a spot that I could have taken pictures of Katie. She is so short and Clarinets are always in the second row so I never get any pictures!!

I think that this picture makes up for it though! I really like it. It's nice when she wears her hair up out of her face and we can see what a pretty girl she is!

I was able to get a full length shot of her too! You might recognize the dress since both of my girls are pretty much the same size we were able to get lots of use out of this dress this season!
We got my Mom a little gift before she went away on her trip!
My Mom and her grandaughters.
On December 13th I went out with Cheryl on her annual Birthday Extravaganza. We had some lunch, saw Everybody's Fine which was certainly much different than either one of us was expecting and did some shopping. I didn't really get any pictures this day except the one below on my phone camera and apparently it doesn't focus well!!
I dropped her off after our day and we were met by this Crazy Hawaiian who came out to meet us!! Who else would come out in shorts and flip flops in the snow (with a sweat shirt)!!

Some of you may have seen this picture on Facebook but it's too cute not to repeat! Emily got a new coat for winter this year and she wore it when we had that really cold snap with snow. I think that she looks like Nanook of the North!

Maggie and I got this bright idea to take our Troop on a Field Trip to work on some badges over Christmas Break. Apparently it didn't click for either one of us that it was THREE DAYS before Christmas!!! We took them to PetsMart and to the Mall. This is a fantastic group of girls and everything went really smoothly. The crowds at the Mall weren't even that bad.

The upper left picture is of Grace feeding a Grasshopper to an Oscar. She surprised me by jumping in and catching the Grasshopper that had escaped on the floor and didn't bat an eye when it was suggested that she feed it to the fish!

At the Mall we worked on the Differently Abled Patch and the girls tried eating their Dinner with their eyes closed and also walked around the Mall trying to simulate being blind.

More updates to come so keep checking back!!


Cheryl said...

LOVE the updates! Keep it up!

And yes, he most definitely IS a crazy Hawaiian ... no doubt about that.

Diane Drapeau said...

Great family updates...


Jerrie said...

crazy Hawaiian...hahahaha!! (but true)

I love the shot of your tree. Beautiful!

Judy said...

You got some great pictures. I love the one of Katie, very pretty. And the one of Emily in her parka reminds me of our days in ND, except her parka is much prettier than what we had. Leave it to Terence to be out in the snow in his flip flops and shorts...WTG Terence!