Friday, January 1, 2010

So much for Blogging!!

I feel like all of my posts of late have started out the same way!! I haven't Blogged for a bit and I'm not sure exactly why. I think that Facebook is part of it. I have uploaded some pictures there and I was sick for awhile and had absolutely no motivation. I think that December is the first month in a long time that I have not posted anything. I will try and do a better job!

Way back on November 21st Emily's Soccer team had an end of the year party. We traveled way up North to the Matsqui Recreation Center to go swimming. If you've never been there it is an awesome place for the kids to swim. It is a wave pool, it has diving boards and water slides and is just plain fun! I didn't really get any pics inside the pool that worked out because of the lighting but we did stop for dinner at Bob's in Sumas on the way home and I got a couple pics there. This is of Emily, Emily and Abby drinking hot chocolate and there's one of Katie too!

On Thanksgiving Day we started out with a children's program at the Church. Emily had a speaking part and did some singing. They always put on such a nice program and it's fun to watch the kids sing.

Emily's friend, Callie is at the mike on the left and this is a picture of all of the kids that participate.
We then headed home to start dinner. We were fortunate this year that Gord had the day off and we had a much smaller group this year ~ only 15. The kids had fun working on the wishbone a couple of days later!
On November 30th the girls had their Rededication ceremony at Girl Scouts. Here's Emily with her leaders.
Emily got a chance to light the candles as part of the ceremony.
I am very proud of Katie. This year in Girl Scouts she has moved up to Cadettes and they really encourage the Girls to take a more active role in planning and implementing their meetings. This is very hard for some Leaders but Katie is lucky and she has a really good one that is doing a fantastic job of supporting the girls. Katie emceed most of the ceremony by herself and definitely enjoys taking these roles on. As some of you know, Katie is in one troop (Cadettes), Emily is in another (Juniors) and then I lead another troop (Juniors) at a totally different time and place. We also have Brownies and Daisies that meet at the same time and their leaders need assistance so Katie has essentially taken on the task of being a co-leader for the Brownie Troop. She really does a fantastic job!

This takes us to the end of November and I think that I am going to stop there for now and tackle December in a post or two in the next couple of days. I promise!!


Jerrie said...

Nice pics! :)

It's been a down year for me in the blogging well as well! I am sure we'll do better in 2010. I think fb has been a part of my lack of blogging as well...

Cheryl said...

Emily is such a faker in that hot chocolate pic ... you can totally tell she isn't drinking it! hehe :)

I'm not surprised Katie hasn't had problems moving up to Cadettes. I bet it really suits who she is!

2010 ... and we continue moving on.

Judy said...

Lots of great pictures of all the girls' activities!