Sunday, September 7, 2008

Skagit Flats Marathon

Today it was time for the Skagit Flats Marathon! You may remember that Gord ran this race last year and didn't fair so well. Mile 16 took him out last year and it tried to take him out again this year. He was bound and determined to finish this year though.

His time was no where close to where he wanted it to be and although it was a beautiful day I'm thinking that maybe this just isn't his race!

Gord's buddy Ray was running the ½ Marathon today and I'm thinking it wasn't his day either because his hamstring went out on him and he wasn't able to finish.

Here's the start of the race. It was very difficult taking pictures because both the Start and the Finish faced directly into the sunlight! So after taking this group picture I moved around the corner to try and catch the guys and Gord ended up being on the other side so I missed him all together! You can see Ray underneath the first arrow on the left and Gord under the arrow on the right.

Here comes the escort police car!

Can't miss Ray in those Green shorts!

Here's Gord at the finish line. We're all still proud of him!

Buddies, Gord and Ray.


Cheryl said...

Way to go Gord! It's great to finish even if it didn't go exactly as planned ... that's definitely a bummer. Great job working through the pain though ... I know I couldn't do it!!!

Judy said...

Kudos to Gord for completing the marathon! Good job!