Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mid-Week Tidbits

School seems to be going well for both of the girls. We seemed to have settled back in to our Winter routine. Katie has not had any problems fitting into Middle School in fact, we had her back to school night on Tuesday and we got to meet each of her teachers.

All of her grades are computerized and we can check her progress (and not so progress ~ hopefully this doesn't happen this year) daily and keep her on task.

Gord went for a job interview yesterday. He is trying out for a County Corrections Officer. A couple of weeks ago he went down south for testing. He had to pass the written exam first and he did so with flying colors. He was then eligible for the physical testing. He had to do a certain amount of sit-ups and push-ups in a minute and do some running. We knew that he would have the running parts in the bag but he wasn't so certain about the sit-ups and push-ups. As it turns out he had nothing to worry about and passed everything. Yesterday he had an appointment for Oral Boards. It was a panel interview of three people and he felt fairly confident after it was over. I'm hoping that this is meant to be and this will be a new path for Gord.

Last night it was time for Wednesday night church night again. The girls have decided to try out another church this year and they came home very excited and seemed to really enjoy it.

Katie is taking band this year at school and has chosen the Clarinet at her instrument of choice. I can't wait for a whole year of blissful sounds coming out of her room!

Here's a picture of Katie with her Clarinet!

I took a picture of Gord in his nice new suit when he cam home from his interview.

My cousin David is getting married in Japan on October 1st and my Aunt wanted a family picture to take over for the wedding. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to take a picture of the family since Gord was all dressed up.

Here are some pictures of David and his prospective bride, Etsuko. I'm not sure what the traditions are for weddings over there but here are some pre-wedding shots. She will make a very pretty bride!


Cheryl said...

Hey .... I thought I was going to take your family shot! :'(

I like seeing Gord in a suit instead of shorts & flip-flops all the time. HA

I'm glad the kids tried our church. Maybe it'll be a good fit for them.

The pre-wedding pictures are very pretty. I love the red dress!

Vida said...

So your runner cleans up real nice!!!!
I love the Americas Next Top Model pose the girls are cute

The wedding pictures are stunning.