Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting for the Bus!

My kids got to ride the bus to school this morning. Katie's bus comes about 7:15 and I was able to stay on my nice dry porch and take pictures. It was a surprise to find out that she rides the bus with High Schoolers. They seem nice but a little bit of a height differential don't you think?

She will have her friend Cole (in the red coat) to wait with her so that is nice for her.

I redeemed myself today by taking some pictures of Emily on the front porch. Here's the required Backpack picture!

I liked this pic of Em.

The only problem is that she has some dark freckles that have appeared around her mouth area. I am constantly doing the mom thing and trying to wipe them off because I keep thinking that she has leftover food on her face. Poor Emily!

I like this one too!

I couldn't remember what time the bus came so Emily and I were out on our porch waaaaaaaay too early. (Hence all of the pictures!) Mallory joined us a little closer to the correct time but the bus still came really late.

Waiting in the rain for the bus!


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Cheryl said...

I could've sworn I've talked about the high schoolers on the bus before. Maybe you're just a dork ... wouldn't that be different ... or not! HA

Tell Emily to connect the dots on her face & see what kind of picture she can make ... just for fun! :)