Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olympic Pre-Trials

We had a fantastic day today!! I was starting to get a little nervous since we aren't right up in the mix for the Olympics!! I wanted to make sure that we knew exactly where we were going and have lots of time when we head up for our Olympic Curling event on February 20th!

About a week ago, I got this great idea that we would forego Super Bowl Sunday since Gord was working anyways and go do a trial run for our Olympic day. We decided to invite my Mom along and the kids were game!

We picked my Mom up about 8:00 ish, ish, ish and headed for Richmond to catch the Skytrain to the King Ed station which is closest to our venue.They had these cool colored lights coming out of the light standards along the road!
We found the venue without too much trouble but we realized we had walked the long way around. No problem, it just makes it easier on the day of!! It was such an easy, peasey walk that I'm not sure why I was concerned!
There was plenty of Olympic signage that the kids had fun posing against!

My Olympic Advisor (thank you Auntie Deb!) recommended that after we checked out the venue to hop right back on the Skytrain and take it down to the Olympic Plaza Station and catch the Olympic Bombardier Electric Train to Granville Island. We loved this and were very disappointed to find out that the Train was only on loan from another country and would go away after the Olympics. We had planned to take it again in the summer. :o(

Here's the entry way into Granville Island. I hadn't been here in years!
Of course lots of boats too!
And for my American friends....yes touques do exist!!!
The kids and a beaver!
We found some really cool mittens!
When I found out that the torch was heading through Abbotsford on a day that I wasn't working, I knew that we had to head over to see it too! It was very flukey, we ended up at the perfect spot just moments before it came through and we got an awesome spot! Here comes the escort camper!
Here comes the torch!

It all happened so quickly! All of a sudden it was coming and before we knew it the Torch was back on it's way but it was so exciting to see it. You could feel the energy in the Air and the kids loved seeing it.

What a once in a lifetime experience!!

What an awesome day!


Jennifer said...

That was all so incredibly awesome, Sharon!!! I know it helps knowing that when you go to the actual event, you will have all your ducks in a row. But to have gotten to just the right place, at just the right time for seeing the torch!!! Too Cool!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I am living vicariously through you today!!

Jerrie said...

Wow! What a fun trip and now you're all ready for the big day!

Judy said...

It was great to get to see those cool!

Andrea C said...

What a fantastic day! I hope you had a fantastic curling day. You did one thing I wanted to do and forgot and that was travel on the Bombardier Train to Granville Island. I wish I'd read your blog earlier!