Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vegas and Ziplining!

Gord and I headed to Vegas recently. It was our first trip away together (alone) since before we were married. I've been to Vegas twice before and both time the people I went with were sick so I never made it to Old Vegas! This time we were bound and determined to go. It was a cool experience and I'm glad I went. This is the beginning of Fremont Street.

They have a whole street with a covered screen and they play all sorts of cool things on it. This time it was a dedication to Don McLean's American Pie and was very neat to watch.
And of course, what's Vegas without Elvis!! He apparently has not left the town!
We saw Sponge Bob and couldn't resist a picture with him!

We stayed at The Flamingo and here's the Flamingos to prove it!
On Wednesday I had talked Gord into going Ziplining with me. I've always wanted to try it and it was awesome! The crew were great and we went with a great group of people. I want to try it at Whistler this summer!

This is a picture of the strip from the top of the mountain. You can see the Stratosphere way off to the right of the picture.
Here's a lake that we could see too. We were only about 5 miles away from the Hoover Dam.They got us buckled in all safely!

And then we went! There were 4 different lines with the longest being about a ½ mile long. It took us about 3 hours to complete. It was very exciting!Then here's Gord coming in!
When in doubt, legs out!!!Stayed tuned over the next couple of days for an Olympic Update!

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