Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tidbits and Summer Sleepover Extravaganza!

I just downloaded pictures off of the camera and I found a couple of old ones so I thought I would add it to this post. The last day of Camp was Wacky Day and this is what Katie wore to Camp!
You might remember when I posted here about my cousin David getting married in Japan last year. Well, David and his wife Etsuko welcomed their first baby this week! His name is Kai. Here's a picture of them in the hospital.
Gord is taking part in the Ragnar Relay again this weekend and Katie is vacationing with her friend Haley in Lincoln City, OR so that left Emily and me at home by ourselves. She decided that it was a good weekend to have a sleepover and me being the crazy fantastic mom that I am agreed to have a 6 girl sleepover!!

Here's the distinguished group! They were not happy with me because they were looking directly into the sun and apparently it was really bright!
After eating and getting settled we headed off to the local swimming pool for some water fun! They wanted to relax in the hot tub before we left!
And of course you must get the silly picture too!
After swimming, we headed back for some banana split/ice cream sundaes!
Then they settled in for Popcorn and an American Girl Movie.

Around 11:00 I shut off the TV and lights and rounded them up for bed! By morning time most of them had ended up sleeping upstairs!
We played a game of greed with gifts that everyone had brought.
We had pancakes, bacon and orange juice for breakfast and then they watched the other movie, Open Season 2. By this time parents were arriving for pick up and I now have a nice quiet house!!


Cheryl said...

Callie had LOTS of fun! When's the next sleepover??? lol

PMinckler said...

Mallory had a great time. Thanks again, and what great pictures!

Judy said...

It looks like the sleepover was a huge fun!