Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lacrosse & Camp

OK, so I lied in my last post. I had good intentions of posting my favorite pictures from Hawaii last year but I guess it just never happened!

Last Saturday was a very busy day. It started off by having to pick up Emily from a Sleepover at 10:00 am. She had just enough time to race home and take a shower.

We then headed up across the Border to Burnaby to visit my father, who is still in the hospital. He was in good spirits and we had a nice visit.

Then it was off to meet my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for lunch in New Westminster. We had Fish 'n Chips as this is my kids' favorite lunch when we are up North.

From there we headed back to Burnaby to watch my nephew Logan play Lacrosse. He and his family were down from Kamloops so Logie could play in a Tournament. We only get to see them a couple of times a year so the kids were excited to see their cousins. Logie is the little guy playing defence in front of the goal.

Here's a rare picture of the girls with their cousin Taylor!

After the game it was off to Vancouver to meet up with some friends for Cheesecake! We hung out for a bit and then we headed back home! Whew!!

This week it was time again for Twilight Camp. My girls have attended this camp every year since Kindergarten. They really look forward to it every year.

This year was a little different for Katie. She took the training and stepped up to be a Program Aide. She assisted the Leaders for a Unit. She was chosen for the Brownie Fairy Unit. I watched as she gave her input and assistance for a couple of weeks leading up to camp and she got lots of compliments for her hard work during camp so I was very proud of her. I must say that she was very tuckered by the end of the week though!

Emily was in a Junior Unit called The Amazing Race and they got to do lots of things around town and even got to take in a viewing of Harry Potter on the very first day at 9:00 am! Em is not a huge Harry fan but she seemed to enjoy the movie. In this Unit they get to spend the night for three nights. Emily came home on Friday night exhausted and extremely happy to see her own bed! She had bug bites galore including 3 on her face :o( but she really seemed to have a great time.

Here's a picture of her Unit and her running to give Gord a hug.
Emily's good friend Kyanna was in her Unit and they had an awesome week together.

Here's a picture of Katie on one of the nights that we picked her up. You can just see it in her face how tired she was.

As you can tell by the t-shirts in the picture of Emily & Kyanna the theme for camp this year was World of Wonders with Hot Air Balloons. Katie sent me the following 2 pictures from her Cell Phone Camera of the Hot Air Balloon that they landed in camp for the girls to see. They even let them get into the basket so they could get a feel of what it would be like.


gad said...

Looks like the girls are having a great summer! I love the balloon! Up Up & Away!

Cheryl said...

Very cool that Katie got to share her own pics from camp. It's funny to see her SO tired in that pic ... so unlike Katie. It's good both girls had a good time at camp - too bad about the bug bites though.

Glad to hear your dad is doing well!!!

Judy said...

What a busy weekend for you! It was interesting to hear all about it and see the pics, and how amazing that they got to check out the hot air balloon, very cool!