Monday, June 15, 2009

Gord's Birthday and Girl Scout Bridging

It wasn't until I got all of the pictures up that I realized that it's totally done in the wrong order since Gord's Birthday was yesterday!

I am still having bunches of troubles with Blogger but I've figured out a way to somewhat get around it so whatever works right now and it would take way too long to redo it!

Tonight was Bridging, Pinning and Bronze Award night.

This is Emily with her Leader Casey, getting her Year Pin. She has been in Girl Scouts for 5 years.
This is Katie with her Leaders Shawna and Lori. Shawna is explaing what Katie did to get her Bronze Award. How she earned it is explained here and here in case you missed it.
This is Shawna presenting Katie with her Bronze Award.
Lori is giving Katie her Year Pin. She has been a Girl Scout for Seven years.
Here is Katie Bridging. I was waiting for my flash to recharge and tried to get a quick picture in so that's why it's blurry!
Yesterday was Gord's 39th Birthday again! I caught him opening a present from Emily that she had made for him at school.

Just in case you were wondering it's a holder for his handcuffs and uniforms and it says Sheriff on it.
We met the S Family along with Judy, Chery's mom and Gord's Mom and Dad at Billy's for dinner to celebrate.

You've got to love the singing and the free Sundae!
The girls amused themselves with some hand games!

Happy Birthday Gord!


Cheryl said...

Turning 39 again AND spending time with me must have made Gord's birthday the best ever! :) Hope his day was great!

7 years of Girl Scouts is a LONG time ... congrats to the girls!!

Judy said...

It was great to see you guys, and to help Gord celebrate his birthday.

Congratulations to Katie and Emily for their Girl Scout award & pins!