Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lots of Girl Scouting Activities!

Before I get started on our day of Activities, I wanted to show you the first Rose that came up in our yard. I really enjoy taking pictues of the flowers so you will have to endure, I'm afraid!First off it was swimming at the Bayside Swimming Club. I was surprised to find out that it was an outdoor pool. I had just assumed that it was an indoor pool. Fortunately it was a very nice day out. A little cool at times but overall very nice. Katie had already earned her swimming badge so she got a patch instead but Emily earned her swimming badge today.
An opportunity to get the girls together in a picture! They sharpied (there's that word again!!) numbers on their hands so that they could keep track of who had completed which station.
I really like this picture of Emily!I like the next series of pictures where Emily starts out under water and then makes her way up to the surface.

Of course I then had to take the same series with Katie!
I took this picture to see if you could figure out which one was my daughter. Just look for the one with the whitest legs!!After a couple of hours of swimming we grabbed some lunch and then headed off for some fencing. Katie was really interested in the Fencing during the last Olympics but I didn't even know that we had fencing locally. Then along came a Girl Scout event for fencing and I signed them both up!
The two owners started up by demonstrating the different Fencing teqniques. Here they are showing Sabre Fencing.This is Foil Fencing.

This is épée Fencing.During a break in the fencing, Katie took this picture of Emily and me.
After lots of demonstrating, they finally geared the kids up and let them Fence! Here's Katie in her suit.Here's Emily in the pink shorts. As I was typing this I realized that she reminded me of this!En Garde everyone!
Katie really enjoyed the class and got right into it!
Emily too!
Uh Oh, it looks like Emily might be losing steam!
But she got right back to it in a duel with Katie.
Katie taking a breather.
Here's the instructor using Katie as a guinea pig!

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Cheryl said...

Fencing huh? That's definitely different. It looks interesting but I think I'd be scared ... cuz I'm a dork & all that! :)

I like Em's white legs ... perfect! lol Us white girls feel her pain but know that white is beautiful!!!