Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Chewie Day!

I'm thinking that that's what today needs to be renamed because it certainly wasn't about the mama at my house today!

Yesterday as the S Family was leaving we noticed that Chewie was nowhere to be found! We checked in all of the rooms, closets and even the pantry as he's been known to be locked in there before. Not finding him we headed out to look.

Cheryl and I combed the streets until about 11:30 pm and Gord and our neighbor scoured by foot and flashlight. We finally had to give up. We left both porch lights on and the backyard gate open in case he came home in the night.

I woke up about 5:50 am this morn and decided to head out to see if I could find him before people were out and about. I searched every area within a mile radius of our house for about an hour to no avail.

I took a bit of a break and then made up some "LOST" flyers. I headed out to attach them to mailboxes. I was heading home to get a new supply when a lady yelled at me as I hollered "Chewie". I backed the car up and she was the owner of 4 Pugs that we had met before when selling Girl Scout Cookies. They said that somebody had inquired about a lost Pug last night and they kind of gave us a description of where the people lived but we ended up not being able to find them.

I was heading home again when I found the owner of two other Pugs who was able to give me the exact address of the people that had had Chewie. They weren't home but I left a message for them to call me.

It turns out that they had checked with a couple of Pug owners last night and when they didn't find his owner they called the Police who came and got Chewie and sent him to Doggie jail.

I tried several avenues today to try and locate Chewie but after hitting multiple dead ends was resigned to the fact that we were going to have to wait until tomorrow.

About 4:15 the City Police called and asked if we had a missing dog. Gord said that we would be right down to claim him and headed down to pick him up. Apparently we will be billed for the fees! I'm a little nervous to find out what these will be but at the end of the day we are all just happy that he is home safe and sound!

I've included a pic of him ~ he is pretty tuckered this evening after his late night out!

And of course I couldn't resist one of his sister too!
This weekend was the last weekend of soccer. I have mixed emotions about the end of the season. It will certainly free up some time for us but it is always sad because the girls are always just finally starting to gel when the season is over. It was a tough season for Emily's team. They had not won a game heading into the playoffs but they played so much better last weekend but still lost and they finally won a game yesterday and it was so fun to watch them play!

Here's a couple of sequential pictures of Emily playing the ball!

I didn't get very many pics of Katie this weekend but here she is playing starting forward kicking off the ball for the game!

It's been a long weekend!!!


Jerrie said...

Glad you got your Chewie back...that would be scary!

Happy Mom's Day!

Cheryl said...

You know I don't like dogs ... in fact, pretty much everybody knows I don't like dogs ... but it was SO upsetting to have him missing & not having any idea where he might be. As a fellow pet lover it's heartbreaking when they get ill, go missing, etc. I can't tell you the relief we all feel that he's home ... even if he was apprehended & taken to doggie jail. Oh, the stories he probably has to tell his sister. :)

Judy said...

What an adventure for your Chewie, and thank goodness you have him back. I can imagine how upsetting and frustrating it was to have him go missing.