Saturday, May 16, 2009

Crazy Busy!

It's almost time for Tennessee!!! It's hard to believe that we leave for Global Finals on Tuesday Morning (early, early 1:30 am!!).

The monthish (new word) since March 30th, when Emily and her team became State Champions for Destination Imagination, has been spent in meetings planning fundraising events to get the girls to TN. This week has been dedicated to actual fundraising events.

Tuesday was the silent auction and the rest of the week was spent getting ready for the garage sale yesterday and today. It was a lot of hours but I think in the end we reached our goal and it will be deemed successful.

In between baking goods for the garage sale last night, I noticed that the two Lilac Trees in my yard were blooming. I absolutely love the color of the one in the first picture and I was scared that I wouldn't get a picture before it was finished so I high-tailed it out with my camera and got a couple of pictures.

The second one is much lighter and almost done but is still very pretty and I like the bokeh in the picture.

We also managed to get in a visit to Build a Bear with my Girl Scout troop this week! you can see Emily in the foreground and Katie in the background!

I also want to send out special thoughts to Cheryl who is having a tough day. She had to put down her second cat in six weeks today and is having a tough time. Sampson will certainly be missed.


gad said...

Excellent photos of the lilacs - wish I could smell them both!
Doesn't Emily look like her cousin Sarah in that picture?
Good luck in Tenn.!

Judy said...

What beautiful pictures of the lilacs!

I like the picture of Emily in her Girl Scout uniform...very pretty girl.

Cheryl said...

I don't think crazy busy accurately describes this last month and certainly not this last week. I don't know that there are words that could possibly do it justice. I'm glad it's over (the fund-raising part, that is) ... now on to the competition we go ... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thanks for the Samson mention ... he's dearly missed (and Nalu too). ♥