Saturday, May 9, 2009

Well, at least nobody bought me flowers!

Well, I must say this has been a very interesting week! It started out with a phone call from Terence asking me what we were doing on Saturday because he wanted to surprise Cheryl for their fifteenth anniversary on Monday. He wanted me to surreptitiously ask her (three days before her anniversary!!!!!) what kind of ring she liked. I just laughed. I then hung up with him and tried to call Jerrie. She ignored me.

Long story short. Cheryl decided that we were going to dinner too late for her and she wasn't going to join us but then she decided that she couldn't live without us and relented. We met her at the restaurant. We had a nice dinner and then headed back to our house.

Terence then surprised her with a cake, plunger and a very nice ring.

If anyone wants to know about the plunger or the title to this post you will have to ask Cheryl yourself. But, if any of you know Cheryl well you will have to take a look at the second to last picture and know that as much as she denies it, it truly must be love.

Ain't it pretty!!


Cheryl said...

Boy oh boy, it has definitely been a NIGHT! Wow! Thanks for helping with the lies ... oh, I mean SURPRISE!!! :)

ps. Hope you find Chewy!!!! ♥

Judy said...

Terence has my vote for the Man of the Year!!! What a beautiful ring and how thoughtful to plan such a nice surprise.

I'm still waiting for them to look at the special card I sent for the occasion!!