Sunday, March 15, 2009

Years of Therapy Should Fix This!!

There were still cookies that needed to be sold for Katie's Troop so the girls volunteered to go out and sell the remaining cookies. We were at a Big Box store in our local Big City yesterday (it was freezing) and at a local Grocery Store (it snowed) today. I think that we only have about 3 boxes remaining so we're doing really well!

Shawna, Katie's Troop Leader, remembered that she had these costumes and said the girls could wear them if they wanted to. In the first picture Emily is all smiles because she thinks that she is only putting on the costume for the picture.
Here are the backs of them.
And the front. Emily's still smiling!
This is when I informed her that she needed to keep the costume on for the whole time!
Still shooting Daggers at Mom!! I bribed her with Donuts to keep it on the whole time!
Katie, of course, loved wearing the costume. She only got a little red when we saw some kids from her school!
On a different note, we had some really clear skies and a beautiful moon this week. I went out to try and practice with my camera. It didn't turn out too bad.
Here's the moon the next morning. I caught it about 15 minutes too late. It was just going behind our neighbor's house across the street.I wanted to thank everyone for all of the congratulatory emails that we have received for Gord. He is still pretty excited!

His Sunday morning running buddy brought this over for him this morning. He made sure that it was non-alcoholic so the entire family can enjoy it!


Jerrie said...

Love the costumes...Poor Emily...hope you've been saving for therapist bills!

Congrats Gord! New job! yay!

Cheryl said...

Oh my, your poor kids (Katie too)! LOL I thought Katie didn't want to wear them either (this was yesterday) ... and Emily ... that just kills me! lol You definitely should print some of those winners out! :)

Judy said...

I thought the costumes were great! I would have certainly bought their Girl Scout cookies had I been there.

Good job on the moon pictures!