Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fourteen Years Ago......

yesterday, Gord and I were married. He was attending school in Cranbrook, B.C. and I called him up with a crazy idea to have an impromptu wedding.

We had planned to get married all along but on September 16, 1995 in a Church in Fort Langley, B.C. The problem was that Gord was living in Canada at the time. Apparently this made it a little difficult to get married and actually live together once married. I kind of thought it was crazy to get married and then not be able to live together.

It seemed that no matter who we talked to, Border Guards included, each person had a different idea on how to legally get married and have Gord move to the US.

I was working at the Crown Plaza Building downtown at the time and we had Immigration Attorneys on my floor. I finally sat down with one of them and asked them to tell me the best way to go about it.

They said that we should get married in the US and then immediately file our paperwork. So I called Gord and he said to set it up for the next weekend and he would make the 10 hour drive home to get married!

I went to the Courthouse, got a Marriage License and arranged for Judge Moynihan to marry us! We only told immediate family and our Attendants, Geza and Monica.

When Gord showed up at the Border and told the Guard that he was heading down to get married he made Gord's Best Man, Geza, swear on his life that he would have Gord back in Canada that day after getting married. Geza fulfilled his duty!

We were hoping that our paperwork would make it in time for "the real wedding"... (to be continued in 6 months)

Here we are, the happy couple right after getting married!!
(yes, I had really big glasses!)

Monica, Me, Gord and Geza


Cheryl said...

Happy Anniversary!

As someone who also had 2 weddings (for a different reason though) it's always interesting to hear how & why other people were married twice.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sharon - I LOVE old pictures of people! So fun to see how my friends were in their younger days!! :) Thanks for sharing - I had very similar glasses!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so sorry that comment went anonymous without my name on it - it's from Dawn...