Saturday, March 21, 2009

Music Concert

On Tuesday night, Katie had her Spring Band Concert. For the last Concert that was held around Christmas time they had to have the 6th Grade Band perform with the 7th & 8th Grade Band because they didn't have enough experience to carry a whole concert by themselves. There was definitely a difference in the talent level between the Grades.

This time the 6th Graders did the whole concert by themselves. They split them into 2 groups and performed 7 songs. They had improved greatly!

Katie is a short Clarinet player. Unfortunately they put short Clarinet Players a row behind tall Flute Players! These were the best pictures that I could get of Katie. At least in the first picture you can get an idea of what her dress looked like. We didn't get home from DI until 5:50 and she had to be at the concert at 6:30 and she still had to eat dinner and get changed so we didn't get a before in the dress picture. In the second picture you can see Katie playing her Clarinet. That is Kelsey in the foreground ~ she has known her since Kindergarten.


Cheryl said...

I don't think I've seen that dress (have I?). You'll have to get her to wear it again so I can see it.

Judy said...

Katie looks so pretty, so it's too bad she had to be surrounded by tall people. :)