Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's that time of year again!

Katie had a late soccer game today and she seemed to have a fire lit under her. She was running like crazy all over the field. She assisted on one goal and almost scored a couple of other times.

Emily had DI and a Birthday Party to attend. Apparently Birthday Parties trump Soccer Games so that's what had to give way this time.
Katie never seems to have a hard time taking on the big girls. Here she is trying to wrangle herself way away from #30. So she tripped that big girl and took off!
OK maybe not ~ but she did manage to get herself away from her anyways and take off after the ball!


Cheryl said...

Well, did they win???

Judy said...

Great action shots of the soccer game!! Katie looks like a star player.

gad said...

Go Katie - go!