Thursday, March 26, 2009

Driving Around

We headed out for dinner tonight and then just drove around town for a bit. We ended up at the Car Wash. When Emily was a baby she was petrified of the Car Wash but now my kids love going through. They especially love it if it has the colored foam that smells like fruit!
I love the trees that line the Main Street of our town. They're even cool without leaves on them.

We also found the pretty spring flowers that are part of my new header. I'm so excited, this must be proof that Spring really is almost here!!!
We ended up at the school to help out with packing the props and sound design so that we can head across the Pass tomorrow for the State DI Competition on Saturday. Hopefully there's none of that white stuff!!

Good Luck and drive safely everyone!!


Jerrie said...

Good Luck at DI this weekend! I hope you encounter no {snow} -ssshhhhhhh!

I love photowalks...I am not allowed to go on photodrives - Troy says no (I suppose it would be ok if someone else was driving, however I usually just go by myself - a bit dangerous I admit)!

Cheryl said...

I like the picture of Main street ... very cool.

Judy said...

The new header is beautiful...what pretty spring flowers! And the picture of Main Street is a winner, very nice.