Sunday, January 25, 2009


I want to give plenty of warning....the rest of this post is not for the faint hearted!!!

Katie and I attended a Chemistry Workshop at WWU yesterday for Girl Scouts. They put on some very cool Science programs. This one was very hands on and the girls loved it!

Below is a collage of the day. Katie was teamed up with her good friend Shannon. They have been friends since Kindergarten and love getting together for GS events.

The book that you can see in one of the pictures had been given to the University in 1951 and it has been well used. I also loved the back of the Chemistry Students T-Shirts.

They fed us well with Pizza afterward and we even got to attend a WWU Girls basketball game after it was over.

Last warning to not go any farther!!!!

Yesterday without warning they thought it would be cool for the kids to see a set of Pig's Lungs that they had gotten into the Lab this past week. They even filled them with air for them. It was actually pretty cool and it didn't even seem gory to me.

But...then next thing I know Katie is right beside me as pale as a ghost and saying that her stomach didn't feel very good!!

We left for a little bit, she had a drink of water and upon hearing that they were going to be mixing chemicals that glowed she was right back in to the mix so to speak!!

Here she is trying to regain her composure!!


Cheryl said...


Poor Katie! Poor ME (I looked at the picture)!!!

There's no way I couldn't NOT look but boy oh boy do I wish I didn't.

Judy said...

I too had to look...pretty scary, but Katie is the brave one to actually be there taking part in the project. Good for her to carry on!