Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh Deer!

OK, I absolutely give up on Blogger! I have been trying to do this post all day and it will not upload my pictures from within Blogger so I did it via Picasa in two posts.

Katie and I attended a Girl Scout event yesterday at WWU and on our way there we pulled over to wait for my friend De Anna and I looked up into the bushes and saw this deer standing there. I quickly put my camera together and as I stepped just a bit closer he jumped out of the bushes towards me!!

It's a little blurry because he scared the crap out of me and low and behold there was another one right behind him. Very cool!!


Cheryl said...

VERY cool!!

Vida said...

I think you should start running!!! LOL
Cool pics.

Judy said...

How exciting to get those great deer pictures...good job!!