Friday, December 5, 2008

My Baby Hits Double Digits....Gulp!

It's hard to believe that just ten short years ago my baby was born. She has grown up quickly. She is very happy go lucky and been a delight to parent. I love that she is quirky and cuddly and smart and very considerate and kind to others and a good friend. I adore my youngest daughter.

She had her teacher conference at school yesterday and ended up with a very good report card. Her teacher is very pleased with her progress (as are her parents!).

I am including a picture of Emily when she was just a couple of months old.

Now my other daughter, Katie, excuse me ~ Caitlin now that we've hit Middle School had her student led conference earlier this week and like her sister did really well. She came home today with the following Certificates. Congratulations Katie Caitlin!


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Emily & welcome to double-digits ... it's downhill from here on out! :)

Sorry to tell you but Katie is Katie ... not Caitlin ... I called her Katie tonight & she responded so there you go. Enough said! ha

Jerrie said...

Happy Birthday Emily! (sorry I am a bit late).

Yay! for great conferences! and really, I have to agree with Cheryl...Katie is Katie. I LOVE the name Katie. I always wanted to be Katie. So Katie I think she should remain! :)

Aund Deb said...

Happy Birthday Emmy ! We love you!


Judy said...

Congratulations to Emily on hitting the big TEN! I hope she had a very happy birthday.