Saturday, November 15, 2008

Too Busy to Blog?????

Well, I think it might have been a little bit since I've checked in with you!! It seems that we may have been a tad busy over the last couple of weeks!! I am very thankful for my friends who have helped fill in the spots when I haven't been able to be there with a camera!

Also big thanks to everyone who helped me out in picking pictures for my photography class!! I will let you know how it goes!!

In order to catch up I need to go all the way back to Hallowe'en!! The girls were invited to their friend Kyanna's Hallowe'en Party. Emily has known Kyanna since Kindergarten when they joined Girl Scouts together. They headed over to Kyanna's house right after school and I picked them up in time to go Trick or Treating. Kyanna's mom Kat was nice enough to send me some pictures of the Party.

They did some Arts and Crafts.

Had a gigantic Spider's Web!

Played some games!
Got to stick their hands in some gross stuff!!

That night as the girls were T or Ting, the people that live in our old house invited the girls in to have their picture taken. You can see the picture here.

The next day, Emily's Girl Scout Troop went to the local Safeway to collect Food for our Local Food Bank. This will be one of their Service Projects. They met again on Thursday to visit the Food Bank and see how the Food was distributed. They did a fantastic job of collecting the food and it was a very worthwhile project for the girls. Here they are in front of all of the food. As they were trying to load it into their cars people were still coming up to them and trying to hand them food!!

That night Gord and I headed up to Richmond at a Greek Restaurant for another one of our friends' 40th Birthday Parties. Gord was excited to try one of the local ales. (Thanks to Leanna for some of these pictures!)

A self portrait of ourselves.

We even got to see a male belly dancer playing with fire!

Here's Christina and Colleen (it was Colleen's birthday)!

Christina's sister Leanna and her husband recently welcomed this bundle of joy!

And I even got to hold her and feed her!!

What would a party be without cake (or cupcakes for that matter)??

Later that week Katie joined her sister in wanting to shed her locks! She didn't have nearly enough hair for Locks of Love but she looked equally as cute!!

On Saturday, November 8th, the girls participated in a Girl Scout Dance event. They met up at a studio for a couple of hours and one of the instuctors ran through some dances for them and they got to earn a Dance Badge.

Point those toes Katie!

I'm pretty sure we were doing the Disco era on this one!!

Everyone having fun!

On Monday November, 10th, I was asked if the Girl Scouts would like to participate in Emily's school's Veteran's Day Assembly. This was quite an honor because the Boy Scouts have always been asked to do this. The girls were very excited and I was so proud of the job that they did. We received several compliments after it was over. (Thanks to a mom in the audience for providing this picture ~ I was busy helping out!).

Last night was an event that Emily had been looking forward to for quite some time! We have a new parent volunteer team at Emily's school this year and they've been shaking things up a bit and trying out new things. They wanted to put on a "father" (or other significant male) / daughter dance. They came up with the theme "A Knight for a Princess"! The decorations were absolutely fantastic and they ended up having over 200 people attend! All of the girls looked very pretty and their guys very handsome! It was a major success! They are holding a mother / son dodgeball event later in the year. Guess I won't be attending that one since we only grow girls!!

Here's one of the cakes!

They had a professional photographer there taking pics of each of the couples. Iwas able to sneak in one of my own! Aren't they a beautiful couple!

Here's Gord and Em at the nicely decorated table.

This is Emily and her friend Mallory. It is the only picture that I have of her full dress (missing shoes though!).

I ended up having to leave because Katied ended up having a soccer game in town at the same time as the dance. Thanks very much to Cheryl for the rest of the dance pictures! I really like this next one!

The happy couple dancing!

This morning we had to be up early to cover our shift at the DI Booster Club Craft Fair. Due to local budget cuts our School District is no longer able to provide the funding that it used to for our teams so we have taken to starting our fundraising early! We had lots of baked goods and misc. items. Here's a view of our table.

Some very nice looking DI participants!

Somebody even donated some money for "us" to sing Christmas Carols!

As soon as our shift was over Gord picked up Emily so he could take her to her first Basketball practice and Katie and I headed back in to town for another soccer game. This is Katie's first season playing Indoor Soccer. I think that she was in shock the very first game as it is very fast and a totally different game than Outdoor Soccer. She has been getting progressively better and had a fantastic game last night and played just as well today, contributing with an assist and a goal!! She had to play Goalie the first half which was hard. She let in a couple of tough goals (nobody could have stopped of them)! It is so much fun to see her progressing!

Finally!!! Caught up!!!! We are headed to North Vancouver tomorrow so hopefully I will be back with another post tomorrow night!!


Cheryl said...

Holy smokes ... I'm exhausted from reading all that. And I even knew everything that had happened! LOL I do like all the pictures though ... and you are quite welcome for my pictures from the dance. Congrats to Katie on her goal ... yay!

Jerrie said...

Ditto Cheryl! Man that was a lot! Busy bee Sharon! I love all the photos especially the dance very special! I love that the girls are doing the food drive for a service project -so important since donations are down right now!! Very cool.


Judy said...

Wow...I loved reading all the news and seeing the pictures. The 40th birthday party looked fun, the pictures of Gord and Katie at the dance are great, and good job on all the photos!