Sunday, December 7, 2008

Am I Crazy...or What????

Thanks to those of you that answered or What!!! Before I get to the details of Birthday Celebrations I thought I'd tell you a bit about our weekend. We went out for dinner on Friday night to celebrate Emily's Birthday. She chose one of our local restaurants and she was very pleased with her gifts from us. I got her a pair of capris, a new shirt and a digital watch. The watch was a bit hit! She is now timing everything. I won't even share with you some of the things she is timing!

Yesterday we went in to town for Katie's Indoor Soccer game. She played a really good game (she has gotten so much better!) and even scored but they ended up calling it back (her coach told her he thought it was a goal in his books!) and she even had a breakaway shot on net!

After the game we checked out a photography shop in town and then ended up eating at a very old local restaurant that we used to come down from Canada to eat at when I was a little girl. The old restaurant's floors were settling so bad that half the tables were on an angle. They ended up closing the restaurant for a couple of years but then opened a new one down town and we enjoyed some really good fish and chips there yesterday!

As we were on our way to Costco we got news that our Local team won the State Championship in football and Cheryl's son, Calob came in First Place and won his chess tournament yesterday! Way to go Calob!! Very exciting news all around!!

We then headed on to do some shopping. As we were heading out of Costco I recognized a face from one of the local Blogs that I have happened upon in the last year. She seemed taken aback that I recognized her and asked her if she was from the Baker's Dozen. She has thirteen kids (some natural, some adopted) and it's just interesting reading about the antics of a large family.

We then headed home and were able to put up some of our Christmas decorations. Still lots to go but at least now we've started!

Today was the girls' birthday party! After having missed out on throwing them a party last year (long story) I decided that I would get the award for worst mom of the year if they didn't get one this year!! They voted for having it at the local YMCA pool which has a cool plaything called Pirate's Run. The kids love it!

These plus another dozen and a half are the cupcakes that I made for Emily's class for her Birthday!

Emily making her wish at her Birthday Dinner!

Here's Katie and Emily's Cake for their Birthday Party! Cheryl gets credit for the picture above, for the cake and many others that I didn't post with!

Here's what the Pirate's Run looks like. The kids have a blast going over it again and again and again!

Here's one of Emily making it to the end but the lady got in the way of the picture!!

Katie's going down the slide at the end in this one!

This is a group picture of all of the kids that attended the party plus one more that had to leave early! Yes, that makes 23 kids! That's where the Crazy part of the post title comes in!! LOL


Cheryl said...

You might not have won the actual "worst mom of the year" competition as I think we're always fighting for that title! lol

The kids all seemed to have a lot of fun today & I enjoyed taking pictures (as I always do). I'm glad I could help in some way.

Thanks for mentioning Calob! :)

Jerrie said...

Busy weekend wrapped up with a fun party! Yay!

My little cousin is a Shrimp Shack waitress (cute redhead)...The new restaurant is great huh?

Judy said...

The Pirates's Run looks like fun, and a great way to celebrate a birthday! The cake is so pretty, and what a good picture of Emily with her birthday candle.