Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Baby ~ Another Birthday!

Today's weather is very appropriate to how it was twelve years ago! I had my oldest daughter right between two snow storms. I worked up until the day I had her and my only concession was that I had a gentleman that lived locally drive me to work because of all of the snow! I was a little nervous driving in the snow and besides that I barely fit behind the wheel!!

Fortunately we were able to make it to the hospital OK and came home with a new baby girl a day later. She was an extremely easy baby and for the most part still pretty easy to this day!! Ask me what it's like next year when we hit the teens though!!

My oldest daughter is smart, wacky, a good friend, LOVES DI, soccer, loves the color Blue, is strong willed and determined and is not scared of anything! I love my Katie!



Jerrie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Katie!

Nice that you could recreate the actual day of her birth. Crazy! :) Love the "old" Katie pictures...adorable baby adorable pre-teen.

Happy Snow Day!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Katie! I hope all your birthday wishes come true!!!

Great Aunt Deb said...

We love you Katie!
Happy Birthday!

GAD & Uncle Ken

Judy said...

I love the Katie pictures you posted...what a cutie! And how interesting that there would be a snow storm on her birthday, as it was 12 years ago. Happy Birthday, Katie!!