Saturday, October 25, 2008


We started today out with a game for Katie. This picture isn't super clear because I was just changing lenses and all of a sudden she was right on top of me!! I love the look of determination on her face ~ and look at the size of the girl next to her!! I would be running in the other direction!

Much to my chagrin, Katie played goal in the second half. I haven't gotten any pictures of her playing Goalie yet. Again, look at the size of the player coming at her in comparison to Katie!

But she got it!! Next is a picture of her team minus a couple of players.

In between games we went to the mall so that we could finish up the gift card courtesy of Auntie Monica at Christmas time. The girls wanted to check out Build a Bear and once we were in the store the lady asked the girls if they would help out Tots for Toys by helping to stuff a bear to give away to less fortunate kids.

I'm not sure what Emily's doing with the ball in the middle of the game but it looks interesting any ways! Check out the beautiful picture that I took of Mt. Baker today here. This was the last game of the season for both girls and Katie starts Indoor Soccer next weekend!


Cheryl said...

So yeah, Katie looks a wee bit tiny next to those huge girls ... sheesh! I'd be afraid if they came anywhere near me! lol

Judy said...

Wow...Katie is doing great, and especially against the bigger girls. Good job, Katie!!