Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It was time..........

Yesterday was the day that my baby decided to cut her hair. She has been planning for this for about 1½ years now. We talked about it when school started but she wanted to wait until soccer was over so she could still put her hair in a pony tail. She will be donating her hair to Locks of Love and she is excited that they will use her hair to help someone else.

Here it goes! The last picture of Emily's pony tail that she has worn faithfully for the longest time.

I wish that I had gotten a better picture of her with her hair long before it was cut but oh well.

We found a gal that Vida (from work) knows and she cuts hair out of her house. Emily was beside her self with nervousness and excitement!

Eeek! Here we go!

The point of no return!

It's all off!

Everyone likes a hair wash from a hairdresser!

And she even had a PINK hair dryer and a PINK flatiron what more could a girl ask for! Emily was in PINK heaven!

Almost done!

I think it turned out very cute and she is adorable!


Cheryl said...

Congratulations Emily! You did a great thing & your new 'do is oh so cute!!!

Judy said...

I love Emily's new is very becoming and pretty on her. And good for her to donate to Locks of Love.