Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today we had Uncle Chuck's "wake". He didn't want a Funeral or Memorial Service only a small get together at his apartment for his friends and family. He lives in New Westminster, B.C. And we were in the Activity Room on the 13th Floor. It was very warm!

I got a really nice picture of the girls.

Here's Gord's sister Cathy and her husband Malcolm. She's kind of squinting because she was looking into the sun!

I really love this picture of Emily!

Here's a group picture of Gord's parents on the ends with Cathy and Malcolm and the girls in their Hawaiian dresses of course!

This is my niece Kelsey. Isn't she a doll! I didn't get any pictures of my nephew Keenan this time.

Cathy got Kelsey and Keenen stuffed animals and Kelsey LOVED her white kitty!

The girls each got a Webkinz from Cathy.

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Cheryl said...

When did Kathy cut her hair? And of course she gave the girls more Webkinz. You never can have enough ... or, you can but not when other people are giving them to you. ☺