Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prep Day!

Today was the much anticipated Prep Day! My baby will be attending the Middle School this year and it is a big step for all of us! School doesn't start until the 27th but today we got to go to the school and make all sorts of preparations for the first day of school (hence the name Prep Day!).

We started off by getting her class schedule. All of her teachers will be male this year except for one. Katie is a little nervous since she's never had a male teacher before. The sixth graders are still a little protected as they're getting used to the Middle School. They are segregated from the 7th and 8th graders and they have a different lunch and recess from them.

Next Katie got in line for pictures. There wasn't much of a line since we were first! Maybe we were a little excited and got there a little early! :o) They pictures are for ASB cards and the Yearbook. Here's Katie lining up.

Next we had to fill out paperwork and pay for the Yearbook, ASB Cards, her Planner for the year and a Science Kit. This is after paying for her pictures so needless to say this day cost me a bit of money!

They had some "Lion Ambassadors" available to take kids on a tour of the school and Katie wanted to see exactly where her classrooms were so these nice Lionesses showed Katie around.

Here's Katie after it was all done with her School Planner!

Tonight we went out for dinner with the S Family for dinner. It was Callie's 9th Birthday so we were out to celebrate! Here's Emily and Callie having a good time. Happy Birthday Callie!

Her brother Calob ordered the Monster Burger and he had a hard time wrapping his mouth around it!!


Cheryl said...

It looks like Katie is all prepped & ready to go. About the male teachers ... just remind her that boys are dumb! ☺

That picture of Emily & Callie turned out really good!

Judy said...

Going back to school is a busy time, but it looks like Katie is all set.

What a cute picture of Emily and Callie....they are growing up way too fast for me!