Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Northwest Washington Fair

Today was Fair Day. After work we decided we would take the kids to the Northwest Washington Fair. We were using our day today to just walk around and look at all of the 4H and Quilts and Photography etc. Friday will be ride day for the kids. Gord will take them on the rides and I will work in the PTA Booth for Destination Imagination.

Here's the girls looking pretty!

Of course the Fair wouldn't be the Fair without Mini Donuts! Katie staking out her stash!

I think she found one!

Since Dad bought she decided to share with him!

Maybe not so much with Sister!

A tad of guilt later and Emily has some to share!

Then we met Ben. Ben is big!

We ran into Morgan who is one of Katie's former DI teammates. Morgan belongs to the Krazy K-9s and was showing her Dog Koa.
Here are all of Morgan and Koa's prizes!

Later we went to a booth that does Child Identification. They start out by taking the child's fingerprints.

Then swab for DNA.

Then it's on to Teeth Molding.

Then they measure your height and take a video of you. All for the parents to keep. It's a great program.

We took a nice drive though our pretty little town to get home.

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Cheryl said...

I may have to get some of those mini-donuts ... and cotton candy ... and corn on the cob ... and caramel apples.

Yummy ... I'm hungry!