Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Katie's sporting some new stuff!

After several mishaps, including the Dentist breaking her foot, we were finally able to have Katie's Dentist appointment. They had to squeeze her in on their normal Surgery day to accommodate her but that's when we were able to get in.

It is a Pediatic Dentist office so they warned me ahead of time that parents aren't allowed to go back on Surgery days. They also totally soundproofed the back area so the parents can't hear the kids screaming! You could barely make the sounds out.

Thankfully Katie was not there for surgery!

Katie is now sporting total upper level braces. They think that after wearing these for awhile that she will get a retainer and then might be done! Keep your fingers crossed please!!

Katie's mouth was pretty sore yesterday and her cheeks were even a little swollen but she seems to be doing better today. Soup last night for dinner, yogurt for breakfast, leftover pasta salad for lunch and more soup for dinner tonight!

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Cheryl said...

Braces rock ... but she doesn't have them on the bottom, right?