Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hawaii ~Tuesday, July 1, 2008

As I was trying to sort through my pictures and tell you about my trip I realized that I just have way too many to put into one post so I think that I am going to post about each day one day at a time.

We had to get up at about 2:30 am in order to get down to Seattle to catch our 8:20 am flight and apparently the kids didn't want to enjoy the scenery at that time of the morning! Katie still insists that she didn't get any sleep but I think this is proof to the contrary!!!


The kids (and Gord) really seemed to pick up as we caught our Shuttle from the car park to the Airport.

Everyone was excited to get our vacation started!

Emily won the coveted window seat and Katie even met a girl her age named Lexi sitting in the seat next to Gord so they were able to chat and play her Nintendo DS on the 6 hour flight to Hawaii. And boy did I feel every hour of that 6 hour flight!! I'm not sure how I survived the 9 hour flight to Germany when I was younger because the 6 hours felt like forever!!
Emily was beside herself with glee on our descent down when she could see the ocean and waves from the window!

Finally, we arrived at our destination and you can see the sign in the background welcoming us to Hawaii!

The airport isn't very big but alot of it is open air and very warm!!!


One of our first stops was a Potty Break and we all got a giggle out of the restroom signs!

We were able to catch a shuttle to pick up our rental car and then get lost (I mean make our way to our Hotel). This was one of the views off of our balcony. We had a city view kitchenette. We did have one teeny tiny view of the ocean which you can see in the center of the photo.

It was only a 5 minute walk to the ocean and most of that was waiting for stoplights!


The first thing that everyone wanted to do was to check out the ocean. Hawaii has lots of statues around and it must be a tradition to leave your leis on them.


The girls were absolutely squealing with delight at the waves and had a great time trying not to get wet!


On our way back to our hotel we found this little fellow. There were lots of Geckos (or Geico's as Emily liked to call them) in Hawaii. They were very cute little guys.

Our friends Terence and Cheryl were in Hawaii at the same time as us. Terence was born in Hawaii and was back to visit his family. They were nice enough to invite us to visit Terence's Dad's at house. We were able to meet his dad Oscar and his sister Denise and her husband Gary and their two boys Reyn and Dane. They provided a very nice dinner for us.

We were very surprised to see how dark Terence had gotten in the sun!


Emily was very excited to be reunited with her friend Callie. They had great fun playing in the trees behind Terence's Dad, Oscar's house. They found Coconuts and Mangoes and apparently mosquito bites!!

When Katie woke up the next morning we counted at least 32 of them on the back of her legs. Emily got a few too but not nearly as many as Katie!

Here's Katie running into the woods with some boys!! I'm thinking this is not a good thing!

Oscar's house also has wild pigs running behind it!
It was getting dark once they finally came out so it's not a great picture. I was able to see two more but they were way around the corner.
By this time we were more than tired and we made our way back to the hotel and we only got lost once!! Too many "K" street names in Hawaii!!

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Judy said...

Great pictures, and it sounds like you guys had a fun time in Hawaii!