Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hawaii ~ Wednesday, July 2nd

We did wake up bright and early the next day, 4:15 am ~ ugh!!! We were still adjusting to the time change but it worked out well because it gave us an opportunity to check out the pre-dawn balcony views. It seems that Waikiki is a city that never sleeps. We could hear street noise all night long. Most of the time we were too tired to hear it.

I couldn't really get any of the sunrise/sunset pictures because there were clouds in the way ~ every day!!!

This was my best attempt. They cleared just a little!

I took this picture of Emily because it captured the "goofy" grin that she had had on her face since the time that we had arrived. She was just so excited to be there!

These were only some of the 32 bites that we discovered on Katie's legs the next day!

We took a drive up to see Diamond Head.

Gord tried his hand at photo taking in order to try and get me in one or two of the pictures.

We stopped at t a couple of lookouts to check out the beautiful coastlines.

My pretty girls against the ocean!

Next, we headed back to the hotel to get all lathered up in sunscreen (70 uva/uvb broad spectrum for us Haole people!!) so that we could go and play in the waves at the beach. We only ended up with a couple of Saline Solutions up the nose!

Later, we met up with Terence, Cheryl and family and Terence's Mom, Sally at the Ala Moana Mall. It was cool to visit a mall that is mostly outside. I'm thinking that wouldn't be a good option for a mall in Washington State!!

We like to call these guys Salt and Pepper!


Cheryl said...

I literally heard them say "salt and pepper" on t.v. at the same time I was looking at the picture of Terence & Gord. Hmmmm, go figure! ☺ I like all the pictures ... I can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

Judy said...

The coastline pictures are beautiful, and I like the first picture of the city. I can't believe how dark Terence is....the sun loves him!