Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tuesday & Wednesday Events

On Tuesday evening the girls had an end of the year Dessert Potluck for Girl Scouts and Emily's leader, Maggie and her 9 month old puppy Finnegan were there. He was so excited to be at the park that he lept over her shoulder and out the card door. She was looking a little nervous when we got there because I don't think she knew if he would run or not. I was able to get hold of the leash for her and all was OK again. Finnegan is definitely a happy puppy!Here are the girls lining up for all of the delicious desserts. Much to Gord's and my delight the desserts included Nanaimo Bars and Cheesecake!!
Here's Laura really enjoying her cake!

On Wednesday we had the DI Chorific round up Barbecue! It was great to get together with everyone from the team one last time!

Here is a picture of Katie with her Coach and former teacher Mrs. Roebuck. Our family absolutely adores this woman!Here's a picture of the kids giving her her gift. As always I think she's about to cry!
They gave her a picture of the kids with quotes from each of them around the matting and a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant.
We were at Angela's house for the Barbecue and she had the most beautiful Rosebush in her garden.
Here's Gord playing a game which I don't know the name of but it appears to be the modern day version of lawn darts.

Here's Katie trying to jump on Emily's head on the trampoline!
This next series of pictures captures Gord and Katie having a little fun. I think that he was trying to lick her face or something!

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Cheryl said...

The BBQ was fun, one final hurrah. The flingy ball thing definitely was a hit. ☺