Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Tidbits

The blogging world is a funny place. I met a gal last year at Emily's Girl Scout Camp that I really enjoyed and had fun with. After I got home somebody introduced me to her Blog. After reading her Blog for a little while I noticed a name on the side of her Blog of Blogs that she likes to read. It turns out that one of the Blogs that she reads is a former patient of ours so I have been reading hers too for about a year. Well the other day I noticed a name on the side of her Blog that is Katie's Soccer Coach's wife. It was here that I found the end of the year picture for Katie's team at her last game that I was unable to attend because of Girl Scout Camp.

On Saturday the girls were invited to a birthday party at the local YMCA where they put on the Treasure Hunt Inflatable for the kids to play on. They had a great time!!
Here's Katie about to go off the end!

And here's Emily about to do the same!
For dinner, we met Terence and Calob at The Nuthouse Grill for dinner for Gord's Birthday. He's old!

Yesterday we had several people over for dinner for Father's Day. We had Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Meatballs, Salads, potatoes (below), green beans (below) and other side dishes, topping it off with Apple Pie a la mode (or not). A great time was had by all (or not!)


Cheryl said...

Father's Day dinner was lovely although you barely had enough food (ha)!!! I think it's neat when you happen upon different blogs & recognize people ... small world!

Jerrie said...

Crazy the coincidences huh?

Happy summer. It is summer right? I want to go on the big slide!