Saturday, December 22, 2007

More Christmas!

As you may know, we have been in a desperate search for a Christmas Tree. We no longer have a truck to go and get a live one so I thought that we were destined to have the 4 foot free Garage Sale Tree in the living room. Mind you for a free Garage Sale Tree it was pretty nice but I knew that it's proper location belonged in the Dining Room.


Upon advice from Jerrie, I have been looking at the trees at True Value. I went in there a couple of weeks ago but they were still well beyond my price range. I was looking for a gift this morning and saw a tree for $36.99. It looked a lot nicer than some of the trees that I had been seeing for $130.00. I was convinced just because of the price that it mustn't be a good tree. I went home and thought in over and Cheryl and I were going to go grocery shopping so I thought that I should go and check it out again.


Well, here is our tree. It is 7½ feet tall and is one of the narrower ones but it fits nicely in the space for it. I just need to find it a tree skirt and we will have it made.


Here's a picture of my in-laws down in Yuma, AZ. They are part of the annual Christmas parade down there. Everyone has golf carts as modes of transportation. It's very cool!


Jerrie said...

Very nice tree. I really wanted a trim tree, but have grown to love my full-size! See? True Value has great deals! And now you have 2 trees! Rock on!

tcccsy said...

I think the tree looks great! It's not too slim at all. It's funny though, I don't see any presents under it for ME! :)

The "Claus" family in the golf cart cracks me up!