Monday, November 12, 2007

A Day!

Today is what you'd call "A Day". It is Veteran's Day so the kids did not have school. It worked out best for me to take the kids to the Boy's and Girl's Club by where I work. I could get to work on time and have the kids amuse themselves for a while until Patients got there.
Trying to get kids up at 6:30 am and ready to go quickly on a day when by all rights they should be sleeping in is a feat upon itself.
We did really well and were able to get out of the house by about 7:10. We made it to work despite the very blustery day outside (managed to hit 70 mph at some point during the day). I was able to find jobs for the kids (child labor).
They got an adjustment when the Dr. came in and we have been watching Emily for a while for scoliosis so the Dr. decided that it was time for Emily to get x-rays. We went to get them done and it took way longer than I had anticipated (1 hour).
As we were leaving Katie started to scream bloody murder! I ran to see what was happening and she had something sticking out of her foot. I thought it was a piece of metal but it turned out to be the biggest thorn I had ever seen! It went right through her sole and into her foot.
I got her into the car and we headed for the Club. All they had to clean it with was Iodine (I haven't seen that stuff in years!)
I got back to the office and we decided that she should have a Tetanus Shot and the earliest I could get in was 3:50 so we decided to do the Flu Shot at the same time (required because of Katie's asthma). 1 screaming kid later (I won't say which one Emily) and we got to follow 8 bit Electrical Vehicles with flashing yellow lights all the way home ~ pretty cool. I think that they were headed out to the Badger which apparently had a lot of Electrical wires and trees down on it.
Gord's work lost power at about 9:00 am and it was apparently hard to find a way home because of all the downed trees!
What a Day!

The Thorn in Katie's Side Foot!


tcccsy said...

I still can't believe you didn't take a picture of the "thorn" before you pulled it out of her foot ... what kind of blogger are you anyway?!?!? :) I'm glad your Monday is over and you all survived!!!

Jerrie said...

Holy Crap! Where did she get a thorn that size? Yikes!

I didn't even have school today because there was no power in Everson. Poor me!

Happy Tuesday!