Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Emily's X-rays

I wasn't sure if I could do this or not but I thought it was cool so I wanted to post them. We get all of our x-rays sent to us on CD now. Each CD comes with the viewing program on it so that the Dr. can look at the x-rays in the office. I tried saving the file and it let me. Granted they aren't as good without the viewer but still way cool! Emily was fidgeting alot during the x-ray so they aren't the best to begin with and the big white circles are pennies that they taped to her back for markers because the piece all of the views together to make 1 big x-ray.


tcccsy said...

Be sure to tell Emily how skinny she looks in her x-rays! LOL

Jerrie said...

I love xrays. They are funky!

Tell Emily she looks very black and white! haha