Sunday, November 11, 2007


I asked the kids to clean out the car ~ I think a monsoon had taken place in the back seat! Emily decided that she was going to vacuum out the car (apparently she's never done it before because she had the full extended shabang in there). I thought it was cute so I took a pic.

I asked Emily to come in the other night so that I could trim her bangs and Katie decided that that was an open invitation for me to cut her bangs as well! Katie has not had bangs since she was 6 years old. Originally I was only teasing her about actually cutting them but apparently I slipped and I was at the point of no return and there went her bangs!!

Here are a couple of pics of Katie without bangs
And now presenting Katie with bangs!.............

We also gave Katie her birthday present early this morning because she has joined the Guitar Club at school and the whole point of the guitar is so that she can practice so I didn't want her to wait a whole month for her present!

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tcccsy said...

Rock on Katie ... with or without bangs!!! :}