Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Morning & New Years Eve 2009!

As mentioned, Gord had to work on Christmas Day but he didn't have to leave until 12:30 pm so he got to be home when the girls opened their gifts! Here's a collage of present time!

Since a bunch of the Deputies were working on Christmas Day, Gord asked if I would please make some Pulled Pork for their Dinner that night. Some others were bringing Meatballs and Garlic Mashed Potatoes and other yummy items! So here's a picture of Gord's Christmas dinner!! Apparently the pulled pork went over very well!!!
New Years Eve we did something a little different this year. Cheryl and her family came over and we had a game night! I thought we may play multiple games but apparently Apples to Apples was a hit and we played it for over 3 hours!! It was tons of fun! I think that it looks like Katie is talking a little trash in this picture!!
Check out the two Goofballs in the bottom right corner in this pic!!
And no, that's not Callie's beer in this pic!!
I had a nap this afternoon just in case I was expected to try and stay awake. Believe me, it's a struggle every year!!! The S Family went home before midnight and Gord was tucked in early because he had to work the next day but I did end up making it to midnight and so did the kids! Emily headed straight to bed at about 12:03 and Katie ended up setting off the Alarm but we won't go into that here!!

Happy New Year and I hope 2010 brings Health and Happiness to everyone!!


Cheryl said...

Happy New Year!!! We had LOTS of fun and definitely hope we do it again soon.

I noticed you didn't put up the picture of Katie & I almost high-5'ing ... dork! :)

And Gord & I are NOT goofballs ... we're fabulous!!! hehehe

Judy said...

Fun looks like you guys had a great time getting ready for the new year. Happy New Year 2010!