Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mt. Baker Invitational Meet

Wow! I haven't posted in awhile and now twice in one day!! I'm just so excited that my kids are feeling better. It was a very long haul for Emily. She was sick for 10 days and missed a whole week of school. She has dropped about 10 lbs since she's been sick. She's still going to be weak for a couple of days but I'm so glad for her that she's feeling much better!

Yesterday was the Mt. Baker Invitational Cross Country Meet. This seems to be the big one of the year. It is the only one held on a Saturday and all of the High School Teams compete too. What a wonderful fall day it was. Very cold though!

This is the view as we drove up. You can see the fog still lingering around and the frost on the ground.

This was our team's tent! The Middle School kids are in the lighter green and you can see some darker greens in the background that are the High Schoolers.
This was the start of the race. Again, you can see them running through the fog!
Katie got a great start. She was running off to the side and out of everyone's way.

Unfortunately this didn't turn out to be a great race for Katie. I was told that it was a tough course and coupled with her being sick this week it wasn't mean to be but she took it in great stride and she will get her turn again on Thursday.

Our town took first and second in the Girls' Middle School race. A gal from a Christian School in town took first and a gal from Katie's team took second. They are fantastic athletes! They ran the 1½ miles in 9 minutes and change.


Cheryl said...

Way to go, Katie ... and keep on running girl!!!

And I'm glad to hear that both girls are feeling better!!!

Jerrie said...

Right on Katie! I had some high school friends running that day and they said it was fabulous. :)

Judy said...

Katie was amazing to have done the run, despite having been sick. Hope she and Emily have totally recuperated and are back to normal.

All the pictures are great, especially the ones with the touch of neat. I love your new autumn homepage picture!