Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clarkenhoven Christmas and more meets!

This past Sunday (which just happens to coincide with Canadian Thanksgiving) we celebrated the Annual Clark Christmas! I managed to grab a picture of all of the grandkids with Nana and Papa.

Katie & Emily loved their new throws that they got from Auntie Pat along with all sorts of other gifts from other Aunties and Uncles!

Last Thursday was another beautiful fall day and Katie had a Meet out at Nooksack. She shaved more than a minute off of her time to get a Personal Best time for herself.

Unfortunately it's hard to be a Mama cheering and taking pictures at the same time so the next two are all I ended up with. Katie prefers to wear her hair down and I think that they turned out to be cool pictures anyways!

Now, a week later, today's meet was at Cornwall Park in Bellingham. We lucked out with the weather again and it was dry and warm. Katie didn't PB today but she was only 5 seconds longer than last week and this was a more difficult course so I think she did really well anyways!

This picture was near the beginning of the race.
This one isn't focused real well but she was just coming out of the woods and ahead of her friend Morgan.
She's just about to step over the Finish Line. Congratulations Katie!


Judy said...

The running pictures of Katie with her hair flying are great! Good job, Katie.

I love the throws the girls got as pretty!

Cheryl said...

Yes, groovy pics with the hair flying. Way to go Katie ... keep it up girl!

Clark Christmas ... lol! Lucky!

GAD said...

Thanksgiving - Christmas - wow! you packed a lot into that weekend!
Great action photos of Katie!