Monday, June 1, 2009

More Tennessee and Tid Bits

Most of the following were taken by my purse camera and I just got around to uploading those ones tonight.

This one is of Emily at the Knoxville Airport.Emily and I amused ourselves by taking several self portraits throughout the trip. I don't think you can have enough self portraits!! I think this one was on the first day. As you can see we were a little tired and if you look closely you can see the mishap that I had with my glasses has already happened. And yes! I am still waiting for my new pair to come in!!
I think that this one is on the plane on the way home from Knoxville to Denver.
I think that this one was taken at the Spokane airport waiting to board the plane to Seattle.
And of course, Emily had to get one including her friend that she acquired on the trip!
Fast forward one week later and we set out on a busy Saturday full of plans. We left home at 10:00 and headed out to Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster to visit my Dad who is still in the hospital.

We all have to wear gowns and gloves in order to see him. This is my mom and the girls out in the hallway waiting while a nurse tended to my Dad.Although it is an older hospital, they have fixed it up pretty nicely and he has a really nice view from his room. You can even see the Helipad landing. That is the Patullo Bridge in the background.

Next it was off to a Tea Party at my friend Leanna's house. It was a chance to get together with a bunch of friends that I only get to see a few times a year.

This is my friend Andrea, who loves to quilt!! She's very talented and made this quilt for Leanna or her daughter Adrianna, I'm not sure which. I thought it was very cute!

Andrea is doing a bike ride for Cancer on June 20/21, from Vancouver, B.C. to Seattle, WA, so if you happen to be out on I-5 on Saturday June 20th, give her a wave!!

Here's the bottom of the quilt. I love the panel at the bottom that shows the Panda's behind and she even included a little heart with her initials on it!!
After filling up with lots of yummy food it was off to my Auntie Deb's and Uncle Ken's for dinner. We hadn't seen them for a very long time so it was nice to catch up. These were my favorite pictures from the visit.

A pretty Clematis.
My crazy Amish Uncle! He has way too much fun! I think that he loved his new Ice Cream Bowl that we snagged for him at the DI Garage Sale!

My Aunt, who loves quilting too, is making all sorts of quilting panels using the writing parts from the salvage of the fabric. They make for very colorful designs!! The kids had a great time playing with them and putting them together in all sorts of different ways.


Cheryl said...

I think you like self-portraits WAY more than I do. We take them but I rarely post them as I don't look so hot from that close-up! lol

I'm glad you were able to go to Canada to visit the many folks you love up there!!!

gad said...

Your Uncle sure looks like a strange, but happy dude!