Thursday, June 4, 2009

Glasses and Girl Scouts

For the last several months Katie has been working on her Bronze Award. This is the highest award that you can earn as a Junior Girl Scout. On Memorial Day, the Girl Scouts of Whatcom County had a dinner to honor the Girl Scouts that were earning their Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

This is the cake with the Girl Scout Emblem on it that was made in their honor. You can see the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards down at the bottom of the cake!

These are the girls in Katie's troop that are earning their Bronze Award too.
Katie and the Cake!
Katie being presented a certificate by Carole, the Regional Director for the Northern Counties. You may recognize Lauri's daughter Emily to Katie's right.

On Monday night, the girls in Katie's troop that are earning their Bronze Award had to give a presentation of how they earned their award. One of the major components of earning the award requires a Community Service Project. The next couple of pictures show Katie presenting her Award. Katie did her hours at Mollywood Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary. I have some pictures to share from there but the disk is not co-operating right now so I will have to post those pictures at another time.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Emily was doing a Community Service Project of her own. One of her leaders had a neighbor whose husband had passed away in November and then she had a surgery and couldn't do any yard work so the Troop headed over on their meeting night and did lots of weeding for her. Her leader told me that they worked very hard.
When I was at my Aunt's and Uncle's over the weekend I was enjoying taking pictures of their pretty flowers in their yard. It always gives me a chance to practice my Photography. I can't remember what these are called but I was trying to be more creative with the shots and I did shoot them in full Manual mode!!!
Now, I apologize to the people that have already heard the following story but here it goes anyways!

It has been over 2 weeks since I broke my glasses in TN. They were getting to be in very bad shape but since my eyesight is horrible I had no choice but to stick with them.

I was getting anxious so I called the vision clinic yesterday to find out when my new glasses would be in and after calling the lab, she assured me that they would be in first thing in the morning (today).

I had errands to do for work so I was very exited to stop by on the way and pick up my new glasses. I sat in the chair to get them fitted and the gal proceeded to maneuver the glasses like they normally would so that they would fit your face properly and the arm of the new glasses broke and fell off into her hand. I just about died. I am obviously frustrated but the poor gal felt very bad and after assuring her that I didn't hate her she told me that I should get a new new pair of glasses next week. Ughhhh!!

I had to use an arrow to point out the Magic Tape that she used to temporarily fix it so that I could wear them because we all know that Magic Tape disappears and you can't see it ~ right?!?!

She also gave me the groovy green case for all of my trouble! Woo Hoo!


Cheryl said...

Congrats to Katie on earning her Bronze award. And look, she's the tallest in her group (at least in that picture)!!!

I think the magic tape just adds a little "something extra" that famous people pay millions for. You should feel lucky. hehehe Really though, that green case is FANTASTIC!!!

Judy said...

Kudos to Katie on getting the Bronze award! You got some great pictures of the event...good job.