Friday, May 1, 2009

Deputy by Day, Runner by......

Gord has finished his third full week of his new job and is loving it. He comes home with new stories every day and really likes the people that he works with. I've met a couple of them and they seem very friendly.

I wasn't informed when he took the job that I would have to sew all of his badges on! Fortunately I have tons of experience with all of the Scout badges that I've sewn on over the years.

Normally he takes his uniform off at work so I haven't had too many opportunities to get a picture of him. He wore it home today and it was a beautiful day so I jumped at the chance!

Doesn't he make a handsome Deputy? I even got him to smile ~ sort of!! :o)
Also Gord and Sandy, his friend Ray's wife, were featured in a magazine article about running in our small town. Ray, Gord and Sandy set out one Sunday for a run and Ray took some pictures of them and presented them to the magazine and they published them!
Very exciting for Gord!!


Cheryl said...

I can't believe Gord is in a magazine & you didn't tell me. There's madness in the world, I tell ya!

T says that Gord needs to tuck his shirt better - make it neater. T has a suggestion ... of course. Tell Gord to talk to T about it ... make him happy or something. lol

Jerrie said...

Wow! Gord is famous! :) Tell him I started running. I can make it to the trail from my house without dying...that's good right?

Very cousin gets that mag I think I will have to ask her to read it! :)

tami said...

Yep, Sharon, I was on your street.
My house had the gate and arbor going into the park. It looks very overgrown now. But it was very pretty.

Congratulations to your husband on his new job!

Judy said...

Way to go, Gord! The uniform looks great...very impressive.

And the running article...WOW! Congratulations on everything! :)