Sunday, February 22, 2009


Has anyone else been having problems with Blogger? I've been trying to post this since Sunday so I have added a few things since then!

Emily had her last Basketball game on Saturday. I think that she really enjoyed playing and did well at it. Here she is taking the ball up the court.

She has been having DI practices on Saturdays as well and fortunately her games are at the same school as her practices so she was able to slip away from her practice for an hour in order to play her game.

It is crunch time for DI since their Regional Competition is only about a week and a half away ~ Eeek! This is their fearless leader, Mrs. Roebuck! She is the same coach that Katie had the last 3 years.

Katie is now on a Middle School Team with her coach, Mr. Davies. They are both doing the same challenge.
Emily's team this year is all girls. They performed a little for us as we came to pick them up.On Saturday, parents had other plans so our house became Sleepoverville! We made our traditional trek up to the local hot tub and swimming pool. The kids had a great time!

Mallory and Emily were quick to hop into the hot tub outside . I love that you can see the steam rising in the cool COLD air!

Hayley and Katie were smart enough to use the hot tub inside!
I am taking another Photography Class and this weeks assignment was shutter speed so I took my camera to the pool to practice. I really like this picture of Emily jumping in!
Here I was able to freeze the droplets of water as Katie "popped" out of the pool. I missed getting Katie totally in focus but I still like the pic.For many years, our School District has offered Fourth Grade swimming lessons. I think it is a very important part of their learning as some families aren't able to or can't afford swimming lessons and this gets all of the students comfortable in the water.

Due to Budget constraints this program was dropped this year but our local Lion's Club picked up the slack and we were still able to participate in these very important lessons free of charge after school. I snapped this as Emily was showing off what she has learned!Afterwards, we headed back to the house for some much anticipated Sundaes!!

It's that time of year again! On Sunday I got the call to go and pick up my Troop's Girl Scout Cookies.
What was up with this??? I left for work this morning in the rain and come home to this!! I'm pretty sure that we have at least 4 inches now and they are calling for 6 - 8 inches!!

It has been such a nice February too!! Spring is on it's way, right?


Cheryl said...

You got some good shots of the kids in the pool. I totally agree about the snow ... wth ... stupid snow. I'm still waiting for my cookies. I know, I know, I didn't order from you BUT can't I just come pick up mine from your garage, oh cookie goddess???

Jerrie said...

Nice pool shots! :)

Um...snow. Hmmm...nice.

I'm still eating my samoas from last year. I guess I better eat 'em quick so I can get more! YUM!

Happy Shutterbuggin'!

Judy said...

I really like the last picture of the snow covered tree, very pretty. You had lots of good pictures--the basketball pic of Emily and I liked the pool pictures.