Thursday, February 26, 2009

Memory Problem???

We got quite a bit of snow yesterday and it was still blowing pretty good when I went to bed last night.

I have to park my car outside right now because I still have quite a few Girl Scout cookies in my garage. I needed something out of the car last night so I put Gord's big ol' rubber boots on with my pajammas and trudged out to the car. The doors were hard to pull open because they had started to freeze shut so I fully expected to have a problem in the morning.

After a two hour delay for the schools this morning, I headed out to start my car so I could head in to work. I had left something in the house so I went back in for it and came back out and tried to open my doors. I tugged really hard on the driver's side a few times to no avail. I decided to try the passenger's side too. Still no luck.

I drug out the extension cord, got the hair dryer from the house and had Emily take a picture of me trying to thaw my door. All of a sudden I had a thought. Had I actually unlocked my doors yet?

Apparently not!! They opened right up once I had unlocked them!!

I can't believe that I just shared this with you. Pretty sad!!


Cheryl said...

Emily told us this on the way to swimming - made me laugh. You are TRULY a dork! :) That must be why we love you so!!!!

Judy said...

You are so funny!!! And I love that picture of you!