Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday Stuff!

We were out of the house pretty early yesterday. It was soccer day! I was expecting really nasty weather but it held out long enough for Katie's game to be over so I was very thankful! We even got some sunshine for Emily's game and the winds, although strong were quite warm and I think that they even won yesterday!

There wasn't enough time between games to go home so we went and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Katie's game wasn't as warm and it did sprinkle a bit but we still stayed relatively dry. Katie was tapped to play goalie (a mother's nightmare) in the second half. She has really improved though and she made a few really good saves and let a couple in too! They ended up tying their game yesterday and remain undefeated for the season.

Because of the weather I only got pictures of Emily's game.

Emily got to take a throw in yesterday.

After Katie's game yesterday I only had enough time to run home and grab a shower and then head up across the border. I was early so I dropped in on my Aunt and Uncle for a quick visit. I met Andrea and Monica at Earl's Restaurant and then we went and saw a movie, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. There weren't a lot of movies out there and none of us wanted to see anything heavy. It was a cute movie and I really like the guy who plays Nick. We had a nice evening and it was good to see Andrea and Monica again!

BTW, congrats to our friends Leanna and Wilco who just welcomed their first baby, Adriana Kathleen on Wednesday night! You can see pictures here.

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Judy said...

Great pictures of Emily's soccer game, and I really like the throw-in pics. Too bad you weren't able to get any of Katie as goalie, especially when she got the saves.